People. Culture. Solutions.

People. Culture. Solutions.

People. Culture. Solutions.People. Culture. Solutions.People. Culture. Solutions.

 Get the thriving organization and culture you want. We’ll show you how. 

Does your organization need better leadership?

Clear direction.  High-performing teams. Powerful relationships. Success. 

Sounds pretty good, right? 

In order to get there, you have to engage your most important resource—your people.  We work with progressive organizations--small or large, public or private--who are interested in doing just that:  engaging and supporting their people to thrive.

We’ll show you and your people how to flourish. 

what Haekka Leadership Can Do


Let's Develop Your Leaders

Your leaders have to lead differently. 

We’ll help them open up the possibilities. We’ll show them how to reach not only their own greatest potential, but your entire team as well. We’ll customize a leadership development program that’s uniquely designed to deliver the outcomes you want.


Let's Transform Your Culture

We’ll help you make a culture shift.

Culture can be hard to define and even harder to shape. Haekka Leadership will help you do both. Let’s create an integrated and unified culture and vision that everyone on your team can feel good about. That’s what starts the journey to effective culture change.


Let's Evolve Your Team

 Meaningful, real connections. It’s what your people thrive on.

Tapping into the power of teamwork is one of the trickiest but most influential changes you can make. Let’s help your team connect and find their way to better-than-ever communication, trust, and success. 

The outcome? Effective team building.

Feedback from a participant in Optimizing Team Performance

"Joanne Spalton is by far the most effective facilitator I've had in my 20+ years of taking management courses. Her management coaching is really valuable for me right now, as I have a team in transition and this change is ruffling some feathers. I really appreciate Joanne's approach to teaching. It's insightful and easy to apply.”

What Haekka Means


  • it's like going on a hike, then add an "ah"—hike-ah


When figuring out what to name this organization, I had to get right to the heart of what was different about our approach. I didn’t know how the heck to give it a meaningful name.

So, I looked to my roots. 

My mother was an adopted child, taken home at three months from a private hospital to be raised by a strong Icelandic woman. My mother was always proud of her roots, even if she couldn't claim them as her own, by blood.

You see, we are of our roots yet our roots do not strictly define us. You can flourish and grow. You move away from, yet never lose touch with, your roots. 

As a leader, you can develop a self-awareness to understand how your roots serve you, and how they may not. 

It’s about moving away from the automatic and unconscious.


You can be more intentional about creating the future you want. 

And that’s where the meaning of the name “Haekka” comes in. It’s an Icelandic word that means "to elevate." And that's what we’re all about at Haekka Leadership. 

We elevate your purpose, your people, and your organizations to the highest forms possible. 

—Joanne Spalton, Principal. Haekka Leadership

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