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How to Effectively Coach Others

 Leaders of the future know how the art of coaching helps avoid the trap of always "telling" staff.  Coaching is not only a  useful management tool, it also  helps your people develop to their highest potential. There’s an art to this skill. We’ll show your leaders how.

  • Learn when "telling" is failing 
  • Understand exactly what good coaching looks like
  • Get super-powered listening skills
  • Learn how to ask engaging questions

Change is the New Normal

The pace of change in business is relentless. Adaptability should be in everyone’s job description. Here’s what we’ll teach your team.

  • Improve your self-awareness about how change impacts you and your ability to lead
  • Better understand typical responses that emerge around change
  • Learn what contributes to change fatigue and apathy
  • Get tools for engaging people through change and helping them get past apathy 

Leaning Into Discomfort —Conflict Resolution

This is one of the most common areas that people need help with. Our wiring tends to sell us short in being able to navigate these situations effectively. You can empower your people with practical hands-on skills, approaches, and confidence to resolve workplace conflicts. Here’s what we cover:

  • How to understand your own wiring better and how reacting looks different than responding
  • How to respond (rather than react) more often
  • Greatly improve your listening skills
  • Better advocacy and assertiveness
  • How to balance assertiveness and cooperation for better collaboration

Making Teamwork Real

Better collaboration and trust leads to higher morale and motivation. We'll teach the specific skills needed to work collaboratively. Here are some of the outcomes you can expect from this training:

  • Understand the discipline and choice around working as a team
  • Learn how trust is built and broken
  • Get insight into productive conflict on a team
  • How commitment and accountability work on teams
  • Winning together with alignment and focus

Giving Feedback that Sticks

Employees crave meaningful feedback. It helps them reach their goals and potential, while also keeping them accountable. We can teach you how to give feedback the right way. Here’s a rundown of what leaders will learn. 

  • Understand how your feelings and beliefs impact how you give feedback
  • How to change your own, and your team’s, perspective on feedback
  • Learn what effective feedback looks and feels like
  • Get tactics to approach and improve the uptake of feedback

What it Takes to be Strategic

Here, we teach you the unique behaviours and thinking that differentiates strategic leaders. If you want to amplify your influence over the organization and encourage others to follow your direction, you have to build your strategic "muscle." Here are some of the outcomes you can expect.

  • Identify key behaviours that strategic people practice
  • Use tools that serve those key strategic behaviours
  • Improve the rigour of your decision-making
  • Shift your work from less reactive to more proactive
  • Learn how to devise a strategic perspective for your area, department, or project

Emotional Intelligence-Focused Courses

Putting Emotional Intelligence to Work

Emotional intelligence (EI) is essential in the workplace. Every great leader either has it or learns it. It requires self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. Here’s where we can help your team and leaders improve their EI and put it to use. 

  • Lose the stigma around emotions at work and better understand their crucial role
  • Look at what empathy is and how to bring more of it to your workplace
  • Learn more about our automatic triggers and how to handle them
  • Learn ways you can be courageous over comfortable

Power of Leading Self

Learning how to be more emotionally aware opens up a whole world for a good leader to become even greater. With this type of awareness, you can become a better listener,  show empathy, accept you might be wrong, be willing and open to let others shine, and consider the differing perspectives of the people around you. This program can help you and others improve self-awareness, which in turn, will dramatically improve your leadership effectiveness.

  • Improved self-awareness through a comprehensive feedback exercise
  • Lose stigma around emotions in the workplace
  • Better understand the crucial role emotions play in work
  • Look at what empathy is and how to bring more of it to your workplace
  • Learn more about your automatic triggers and how to handle them
  • Learn ways you can be courageous over comfortable

HR Leadership Series - Level Up (6 monthS)

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