About Haekka Leadership


What we do

We start with the essential belief that happy clients and engaged staff are critical for any successful business. Period.

We provide management consulting services to people like you who are industry leaders inside organizations that need help supporting their people. We provide the leadership development, team alignment, coaching, and strategic planning that your team needs to go after those big goals and have more fun doing it!

What happens when your leaders are inspired and working to their highest potential?  Well, it downright effects everything —the culture, the work environment, and the people.

The end  result is outstanding products and services, satisfied customers, and committed employees. 

We’ll help you put together a game plan that motivates your leaders and staff,  challenges the norm, and reveals a road map for achieving  better results. 

We want your team to go after what’s truly possible.

How we do it

We’re not your typical Vancouver leadership coaching company. We take a "listening first" approach to your challenges and collaborate with you to reach the best solutions. We’re in this to make a real difference. 

Working through any kind of change, especially behavior, doesn’t come easy. It requires intention, practice, and equally important, understanding the "why."

We’ll work with you and your team to give you the right tools, motivating feedback, and a clear vision of the future. We have a distinct approach to test how your team's beliefs or values may be standing in the way of  progress. 

We work with people. We measure for impact. We always focus on adding value. 

Whether you’re just starting, growing your business, or managing a major change, we’re here to help you and your people.

How we are different

Are you tired of "one-off" events that might inspire but fail to create meaningful change in your organization? Us, too.

When you work with us, you'll know we're focused on outcomes. We surface and address barriers that get in the way, including your team's collective beliefs or values about their roles, the work itself, or other pertinent issues.

Our work with teams and groups is  tangible and practical. We won't lose your people with theory, jargon, and consulting speak. 

We know time is short, too.  Although collaboration is at the heart of our work, we will be candid and to-the-point. We pride ourselves on  saying what needs to be said and making sure it's clear, well-understood, and embraced in order to move forward.

The bottom line

We work tirelessly to provide clarity and value through candid assessments, top-notch consulting, facilitation, training, and coaching. We are committed to the discipline of working to outcomes.

We’re ready to make a real difference in your organization. 

"We have a knack for ensuring the unspoken gets air time"

When it comes right down to it, transparency and collaboration are essential for solving problems.

"You can't manage a secret" -- Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Corp.

Our People

Joanne Spalton, Principal

I'm passionate about helping people thrive inside organizations, and I've dedicated over 22 years of my career to this exact purpose.

I feel fortunate to have worked for more than 10 years as a leadership development facilitator and coach across a range of industries from software development, gaming, internet services and government, to financial services, manufacturing, engineering, and health services. 

I've worked with for-profit, cooperative, and not-for-profit. I have partnered with many First Nations organizations whose mandate is upholding their tradition and elevating the well-being of their people. In every exchange, I've met people who inspire me to keep grappling with the questions that bright leaders face and help them find a way through.

I love working with leaders who are smart, passionate about their work, and willing to try new things. It's such a pleasure to see bright, energized people pick up on problems, look at them anew, and find a way through them. 

In my experience, the smartest leaders can fix tough problems. Sometimes,  the perspective they have on the issue may be holding them back. Other times, the problem can be much more entrenched, multi-faceted, and systemic.

I'm passionate about collaborating with leaders to find solutions that work. I am willing to push leaders to excel, try new things, and develop their full potential. I work tirelessly to ensure that everyone I work with understands what has changed and what new behaviours are needed for success.

Value and impact are the hallmarks of my work and the foundation of Haekka Leadership. 

I'm a fully trained coach through the Coaches Training Institute. I maintain a CHRP designation with the Chartered Professionals of HR BC. I hold a post-degree diploma from BCIT, as well as a baccalaureate degree in Political Science and English from the University of Victoria.

Proud to Collaborate With

Annika Lofstrand, Associate


Annika is a fun, warm, experienced leader in all things related to HR and talent management.


She is a senior human resources professional with over 20 years of HR experience.  She is also an entrepreneur who has owned and operated multiple businesses.

Annika is currently the Principal at Leda HR.  Leda HR is an HR consulting firm that supports businesses with tailored and impactful advice and tools to build, transform and sustain engaged and productive teams and workplaces. In addition to her broad HR experience and expertise, Annika has a depth of knowledge and passion for diversity and inclusion.  Her approach is to be curious about opportunities, inclusive, a trusted partner, innovative, a big picture thinker and someone who delivers.   

We are thrilled to collaborate with this fine soul!