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Leadership Development

Optimizing Team Performance

Optimizing Team Performance


Empowering extraordinary people to make extraordinary things happen

Our deep experience means we know exactly what makes powerful leadership programs and what makes incredible leaders. Our customized leadership coaching and development programs are rooted in our expertise and designed to give your executives the tools they need to inspire others and lead with agility. 

This isn’t your average leadership development experience. We customize it based on the unique needs and desired outcomes of your organization, using the latest research and best practices around adult learning. We dig deep and connect. It’s real-world skill development and can include skills development workshops focused on topics such as Achieving Results Through Others, Strategy and Building Change Resilience. Our workshops are grounded in pragmatic elements like practice and feedback. We’re ready to design solutions based on your business context, your leaders, your challenges, and ultimately, your goals.

Optimizing Team Performance

Optimizing Team Performance

Optimizing Team Performance


Engaged people, united teams, adaptable leaders.

Real teamwork takes commitment beyond the ordinary, and that’s why our team services go above and beyond to help people connect, trust, and work more efficiently together. Our processes are active and experiential instead of intellectual and theoretical. We push team members and leaders, especially, to get real about their roles and team dynamics. We help everyone take an honest look at what is and isn’t working behind the scenes. The end result is teams with more trust, greater alignment, and a better-than-ever ability to focus on the common goal. 

Other features of our team development:

  • We can measure and post-measure the effectiveness of your team
  • We build and reinforce effective team practices like building trust, effective communication, handling conflict, clarity around where decision making resides, and accountability among the team. 
  • We believe that better teamwork leads to better results and better success

Strategic Planning

Optimizing Team Performance

Shifting Your Culture


It can be tough for organizations to define and create the future they envision. It’s also difficult for many leaders to imagine a future that inspires and connects while also focusing on all of the tangible, practical actions needed to get there. That's why designing process and facilitating to produce a good strategic plan is essential. 

We have a tried-and-true process that provides structure, reins in all of that “humanness”, and delivers a thoughtful plan as an output. Through assessment, measurement, and sometimes stakeholder interviews, we gather an evaluation of your organization's current reality. We then facilitate a look to the future before brainstorming actions and activities to bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to go.

We’re ready to make a real difference in your organization. 

Shifting Your Culture

Personalized Executive Coaching

Shifting Your Culture


Company culture is embedded in an your organization’s goals, strategies, structure and your approaches to customers, investors and the greater community. As you grow, it can be tricky to identify which aspects of culture should remain, and which aspects need to evolve. At Haekka Leadership, we help you identify what’s really going on in order to understand better what shifts you need. 

Moving towards the culture you want to create, we collaborate with you to find the right means to shift things. Here are some important pillars that can shift your culture:  leadership development, employee engagement, and leadership vision and strategy. 

We can help you create a culture so great that it pulls people in, keeps them interested, and elicits a sense of dedication and loyalty. Let us help you start shifting the conversation towards the culture that best serves your customers, your people, and your company's ability to deliver results.

Skill Development Training

Personalized Executive Coaching

Personalized Executive Coaching


How can you prepare your teams to perform in a highly competitive environment? You can use our training.


Your people are your best resource, and when it comes right down to it, people want to do meaningful work. They want to know their work matters, learn new skills, and be inspired while doing it. We can give them the skills and training they need to get there. 

Here at Haekka Leadership, we know that training isn’t about sitting in a classroom absorbing information. Different people learn in different ways, yet every single one of us learns best through experience, especially if we’re able to reflect on what we’ve learned. Adult learners need to see the immediate, practical and real-world ways they can apply the new skills they learn. 

Haekka Leadership's skill development and training courses are built around these key principles.

Personalized Executive Coaching

Personalized Executive Coaching

Personalized Executive Coaching


 Insight is everything.

Sometimes being at the top can be tough. It's difficult to vet your thinking downwards, share your questions, or get people to really challenge you. When you're a leader, you rarely get pushed to expand your approaches and skills. 

At Haekka, we offer personalized executive coaching that can help you grow, make better decisions, and get the results you want. 

Coaching can make the difference between good leaders and great leaders. Do you want to be a great leader? Let us help you step up your game.  


Want a powerful tool to help you grow? Discover 360 feedback

Taking stock of where your people are. The incredible value of a Team Assessment

Taking stock of where your people are. The incredible value of a Team Assessment


360-degree feedback is an essential tool that primes leaders for development and success. We design, formulate, and deliver 360 assessments that gather productive feedback from your teams that helps bring perceptions to the surface, lets leaders examine their behaviour, and reveals ways to improve ineffective dynamics. It’s an incredible source of evidence for a leader’s reputation, and an equally incredible way to enhance a leader’s self-awareness and growth. This tool can be used as part of coaching engagements, leadership development programs, or as part of a performance management process. To see a 360 assessment in action, see our case studies page. 

Taking stock of where your people are. The incredible value of a Team Assessment

Taking stock of where your people are. The incredible value of a Team Assessment

Taking stock of where your people are. The incredible value of a Team Assessment


 When your team can't give honest, candid feedback about what they experience day-in and day-out while working on your team, little can be done to address overall team functioning. 

That's where Haekka Leadership comes in. Your team members are likely to be more candid with their feedback when they can give it to an outside organization like ours. While avoiding judgement, blame, or finding fault, we can gather unfiltered feedback on how the team is functioning. and turn it into constructive information you can act on. 

When team members see the cost of what's happening on their teams along with the evidence of the gap between where they are today and where they want to be as a team, they will much more readily sign up to try new behaviours and practices that progress the team towards higher performance and results. 

Get in touch with us anytime so we can help you get started.

let us create some brilliant solutions for you


What if you only know the problems that you yourself are experiencing?

 That’s a great place to start. Exploring the symptoms and challenges can uncover some of the root causes that we can tackle. 

We’ll collaborate with you to identify helpful strategies that reduce the impact of challenges you're facing,  and we often outright solve them. 

Sometimes we’ll leverage a tool or service like the ones we listed above, or we’ll design something entirely custom to get you to your goals. 

We know you’re busy and have an organization to run—we can help you with a solution today!  

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